Wendy Zhou

CEO at Zcloudata


Wendy grows up in the mythical Middle Earth in Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings”, New Zealand.

She is Data Coach in the data solutions sphere, Wendy extends to our customers a deep understanding of all sides of the evolving data ecosystem with her passion. She has applied more than nine years of experience in big data analysis, insight, solution and research to the digital space – and in particular, helping her brands and customers understand the blurring of the lines between digital and traditional data in the quest to reach increasingly fragmented audiences. She is someone who not only understands data, she is able to interpret and inject it into achievable, forward-thinking visions.

During her time at IPG Media Experts- the largest private media agency in Canada, Wendy was instrumental in developing, activating, and amplifying Media Experts data practice, including the launches of substantial data practice as well as Business Intelligence Portal used by BMW, Bell Canada, BC Hydro, WestJet Airline, TD Bank, Michael Hill Jewelry, Interac and other 30 brands. She has successfully provided global consulting services as Managing Director for Austin Consulting Firm and opened second office Zcloudata in China by invitation as the Foreign Expert. Now, as CEO at Zcloudata, she is evolving our customer-focused model to further our mission as a data-savvy, solutions- driven, cross-channel business consulting agency, bringing us and our customers into the next frontier of Data Insight solutions, ZECAS, ACF’s proprietary online data insights desk.