Getting to and from China Marketing Summit

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Getting to and from China Marketing Summit

From Hong Kong Central to CMS venue

By Metro

Getting to CMS venue by metro is the cheapest option available. But be warned, a one-way trip can take up to 2 hours (including border formalities). In case you are around Hung Hom/紅磡 station, which is Hong Kong’s main train station you can simply take the East Rail Line bound for Lo Wu/羅湖.

From Central make your way to Kowloon Tong MTR station (note that you will have to change trains at YouMaTei, Mong Kok or Prince Edward.) Once arrived at Kowloon Tong you need to take the East Rail Line to Lo Wo or Lok Ma Chau/落馬洲. We recommend you to take a train to Lo Wo since it will ease your travel once you crossed the border to Shenzhen. Note, that the East Rail Line either goes to Lo Wu or Lok Ma Cau. Make sure you board the right train!

Once you crossed the border at Lo Wu (LuoHu/罗湖) and arrive at the Mainland’s side you can take the Luobuo Metro Line (green line) to GaoXinYuan/高新园.  Make your way to Exit D and you are done!

HOT TIP: Queuing up to collect a single journey ticket from one of the vending machines once crossed the border can take a considerable amount of time due to high traffic. If you’re a frequent “border crosser” find a small booth and buy a Shenzhen Tong which is equivalent to the Octopus Card. For those who hate two cards, there is even a combo card available with two accounts! One for HK$ and one for RMB.


By Taxi

If you prefer to take a taxi to the venue, we advise you to take the East Rail Line to Lok Ma Chau and simply hop on a taxi once you crossed the border. Make sure the meter is running!


From Hong Kong Airport to CMS venue

By Bus

Board public bus route number A43 (To Fanling) and get off at Sheung Shui bus stop. Make your way to the MTR station and board the East Rail Line to either Lok Ma Chau or Lu Hu. From Lu Hu it’s best to take the LuoBuo Metro Line to the venue and get off at GaoXinYuan/高新园 and take Exit D. From Lok Ma Chau we advise to take a taxi to the venue.


From Shenzhen Airport to CMS venue

By Metro

From Shenzhen airport take the LuoBuo line (green line) bound for LuoHu/罗湖 and get off the train at GaoXinYuan/高新园. Make your way to Exit D and you have arrived.

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  1. Walter Matta

    Gaoxinguan is High Tech Park Exit for those who do not know Chinese. I got confused myself since I was used to knowing the exit as High Tech Park

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