Shenzhen, China

This is the must-attend conference for anyone interested in marketing to Chinese audiences.

Bay McLaughlin, Contributor at Forbes

Great event to spend time on, built several very good partnerships here.

Peter Vesterbacka, Co-founder at Slush and Angry Birds

I heard they put CMS together in 2 months. WOW. Big thumbs up! Amazing people, great learnings.

Jan Smejkal, Community Director at Startup Grind China & APAC

what is the china marketing summit?

The China Marketing Summit (中国市场营销峰会) is a marketing conference in China, dedicated to bringing chief marketing officers, marketing professionals, vendors, and marketing technology and service purchasers together in an environment that fosters meaningful connections. Come join us in the Silicon Valley of China–to see how today’s leading marketing minds, both in China and internationally, are using their knowledge and skills to change minds and change the world. 

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Who Should Attend?

Whether you’re working for a multinational with 100,000 employees or a startup with a team of 10, at the China Marketing Summit you’ll find tips and strategies to help your marketing succeed. You’ll network with experts in branding, public relations, content marketing, social media, and search engine optimization. Short, value-packed presentations, panels, and debates will keep you engaged. You’ll leave the Summit with a list of idea you can implement today.

Great event to spend time on, built several very good partnerships here.

- Peter Vesterbacka, Co-founder of Slush and Angry Birds



Meet our first confirmed Speakers for July

Evgeny Tchebotarev

Founder, 500px

Jay Kim

Host of The Jay Kim Show

Kyle Ellicott

Co-Founder and Chief Labs Officer of ReadWrite Labs

Ryan Foland

Communication Strategist, Speaker, Writer, Named Top Youth Marketer by Inc.

Ashley Galina Dudarenok

Founder of ChoZan
Josh Steimle

Josh Steimle

Author Chief Marketing Officers at Work


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Great to see so many Chinese marketers eager to learn about viral loops and mini programs.

What a great day! So glad to be here, meeting great people and gain some take-aways.

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